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Giffoni Innovation Hub

Colleghiamo aziende, startup e talenti per implementare progetti innovativi attraverso contenuti e creatività in grado di generare impatto positivo per le future generazioni che sia misurabile e quantificabile nel tempo.

Progetti in evidenza

BeShort – Festival dei Branded Entertainment Short Movie

1 dicembre 2022 a Citylife Anteo – Milano

BeShort è l'evento B2B dedicato ai professionisti del settore audiovisivo
che credono nel linguaggio cinematografico per raccontare i valori e la mission di un brand
attraverso il formato filmico più antico al mondo, il cortometraggio.

BeShort è, quindi, il primo Festival dei Branded Entertainment Short Movie d'Italia
realizzato da Giffoni Innovation Hub e OBE (Osservatorio Branded Entertainment)

Ci vediamo in sala proiezione giorno 1 dicembre 2022 a Citylife Anteo - Milano


From July 21-30, the innovation event, Giffoni Next Generation 2022, organized by Giffoni Innovation Hub as part of Giffoni Film Festival, returns to Giffoni for its eighth edition.

Ten days of workshops, mentorship, panels and impact to inform and raise awareness of the universe of digital culture, creative industries andsocial innovation. Events that will involve children from 6 to 30 years old, including 25 dreamers, that is, young innovators under 30 in the Dream Teams who will again this year compete for ideas in a kind of extended hackathon, learning fundamental notions from the corporate social responsibility to the sustainability to the biodiversity, to the digital and to the conscious use of Big Data.

Erasmus +

Giffoni Innovation Hub is offering 13 scholarships to young recent graduates to do a professional internship abroad in the following countries: Ireland, Albania, France and Spain.

Live streaming

July 26 - 11:30 a.m.

During the panel"The New Frontiers of Audiovisual Production: New Media, Digital Innovation and Branded Entertainment," key players in the industry will come together, both in attendance at Giffoni and live streamed on all our channels and those of our partners, to discuss new scenarios.

From the emergence and development of new technologies to corporate positioning strategies in an increasingly competitive market, from the innovative vision of startups to the investment opportunities of venture capital funds.

The meeting is aimed at those who:

🎬 wants to find out the new professions sought after in the film and entertainment market

🎬 dreams of joining the television industry.

Live Streaming – Music Industry

A free event where many speakers from the Music Industry, with the most diverse experties, in order to give a general idea of what is the most recent technological and digital evolution. From the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) up to the Metaverse, new phenomena of the moment and new job avenues open to young people will be highlighted.

Invited speakers will be ready to answer Generation Z's questions, both in attendance at Giffoni and live streamed on all of our channels and those of our partners, and to offer suggestions on the best channels, tools and training paths to be followed in order to approach more easily to the music industry!


Participate if:

  • Are you interested in producing music
  • Your instrument is an extension of yourself
  • You feel that the most precious thing you have is your voice
  • Stay captivated* by music video productions
  • You have an unconditional love for everything that is music

Erasmus +


Giffoni Innovation Hub offre 13 borse di studio a giovani neodiplomati per svolgere un tirocinio professionale all’estero nei seguenti Paesi: Irlanda, Albania, Francia e Spagna. 

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