Who we are

Giffoni Innovation Hub

is a creative innovation hub established to guide and foster cultural and digital transformation in Italy and abroad.

We help companies to dialogue with the new generation, carry out creative communication projects with high social and value impact, involving young people and talents.

Ours is an ecosystem that supports and grows the best talent and startups in the creative and cultural industries. Our mission is to connect companies, startups and talent to implement innovative projects through content and creativity that can generate positive impact for future generations that is measurable and quantifiable over time.

We involve young people of all ages, stimulating their creative potential to carry out projects in the areas of sustainable development identified by the UN.

We design with children, families and businesses, projects that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the next generation to meet future needs.

Business unit


Developed for partner companies, aiming to train young talent and create valuable outputs for enterprises.


Impactful experiences and events to communicate, educate and share.Moments of meeting and discussion between companies and the younger generation.


Open-innovation for corporations and programs for startups operating in the creative and cultural industries to generate positive impact on the next generation.

Original Productions

The language of cinema made available to companies to communicate their values and sustainability in innovative ways.

It all starts here

 Giffoni Innovation Hub  was established as a spin-off of the Giffoni International Festival’s innovation department
dedicated to children’s cinema that gathers young people from all over the world each year.

A department created to meet the needs of  a growing community , with children and young people 
who become teenagers and adults, who seek new answers and new opportunities.

Giffoni Hub responds to these new needs such as  training  aining to prepare them for the profession of the future, an  innovation  hub to support new entrepreneurs and several opportunities to help them enter the workforce with internships and open innovation projects to compare and learn about the best companies in the market. 

Years of experience
Community Giffoners

Creativity is the supporting asset of our daily actions, the engine of our ideas.

From the experience of the Film Festival

to the most important innovation center for children.

Creativity represents the maximum expression of human intuition, a priceless heritage on which Giffoni founded its genesis and built its fifty-year path. Following intuition, we shape a story with the quality of our content. Only the right content generates a meaningful echo, attracts potential consumers and is able to leave a trace.

Our mission statement


Peer-to-peer training, i.e. carried out
from boys to other boys,
Is much more effective than the classical model.

Impact toward the younger generation

Each project aims to share and convey a social commitment: sustainability, circular economy, inclusiveness, guidance toward the world of work, etc.

Communication innovation

Propose a new communication model that breaks away from the classic institutional tone and highlights corporate values through new languages conveyed by young people.

Since 2015 an innovation hub

Our team

giffoni innovation hub founder orazio

Human and professional growth comes through different approaches, views and modes of action. There is no well-being without diversity of being.

Orazio Maria Di Martino

Founder & CRO

giffoni innovation hub founder luca

A dreamer who uses imagination as a passport, engaged daily in creating projects with great social and cultural impact. Use the piano as a tool for reflection and analysis of the complexities of the world.

Luca Tesauro

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Antonino Muro

Founder & CVO

giffoni innovation hub general manager

If you insist and resist, reach out and conquer!

Luca Ruju

General Manager

Dario Scacchetti

Non Executive Member

giffoni innovation hub alessandro account

"Super sales explorer. His leisure time in Amalfi Coast. ""Marty you have to go back with me. But...back where? Back to the future!"" From Back to the future Ep.1. Ready to travel with him into the future aboard Giffoni?

Alessandro Avagliano

Business Development & Strategic Partnership

Competence, Collaboration, Courtesy and Communication are the 4 "Cs" that characterize the way he interacts with others. Determination is the spring that drives her to reach new goals again and again!

Gabriella Caso


I write because one life is not enough. I pray every day to the Gods of Creativity that they will never stop whispering in my ears. I make books, I weave stories. And I guess on commission.

Manlio Castagna

Creative Account

giffoni innovation hub amministrazione

She loves yellow; order and creativity inspire her in every project, even in her free time! She scrutinizes her surroundings with the eyes of logic and sensory beats.

Barbara Costabile

Senior Project Manager

CFO with 20 years of experience in strategy, finance, and control. He has always preferred to manage human relationships rather than "resources." To escape from the numbers of each day, he takes refuge with his family in walks and reading.

Francesco D'Ausilio


Vincenzo Forte

Junior Operational Account

Making contacts, nurturing and maintaining connections is what she likes to do to develop innovative and unique special projects. A devourer of books, she believes in the magic of wonder even in the everyday to always have a different perspective from which to look.

Giulia Ghezzo

Sales & Business Development Manager

giffoni innovation hub marketing

Visual and Copy are his favorite art languages that can strike at the mind and heart. Nerd and Gaming are part of his culture, with a dash of sociological research.

Antonella Passini

Responsabile Digital Marketing

Worker in narrative construction, passionate about film and literature. CFO of Pindar Airlines. Executive producer of films and branded entertainment projects.

Luigi Sales

Head of Original Productions

giffoni innovation hub head academy nicola

Media & Entertainment Manager for a quarter of a century..he has nevertheless remained curious about life and, at times, visionary. Creativity, Content and Communication are the beacons by which he is guided.

Nicola Sapio

Head of Academy & Education

giffoni innovation hub account

Its goal is to open doors to new business opportunities and build strong customer relationships. Dynamic and sunny, can't sit still! In his spare time, he engages in countless sports and charitable activities.

Maria siniscalchi

Marketing & Business Development

giffoni innovation hub junior accelerator

Passionate about strategic management and startups, in his spare time he loves traveling and experimenting with new types of food, as well as feeding his two main hobbies: football and gaming.

Lorenzo Sorrentino

Junior Analyst & CRM Specialist

Strategy and communication are her pillars, curiosity her real power. Fascinated by change and world cultures, she believes in people: the greatest source of "boas vibrações."

Alessandra Stauder

Marketing & Communication Junior Analyst

Fifteen years of experience gained in fast-paced events, cultural and entertainment projects under the banner of transmedia. Raised on bread and pop culture, he has learned that dreaming big costs as much as dreaming small, but creates more value.

Jacopo Moretti

Head of Unit Events

Passionate about marketing, communication and entertainment. I dose my creativity strategically at work and in life, creating solutions out of the box, like me. In three words: curious, resourceful, enthusiastic.

Liu Cappella

Assistente di Produzione & Content Specialist

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