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Content for businesses made with kids

We develop creative projects through training courses on Content Creation (creative writing, filmmaking etc.) based on partner company briefs. The model used is Blended Learning, with online classes and in-person workshops at Giffoni Multimedia Valley or other national and international locations, and a vertical approach that combines theory with practice. The goal is to develop the creative skills of the participants and apply them to the themes predefined by the partner company, and to realize outputs that remain the property of the company such as the production of audiovisual content (instant movie, short movie, video), podcast, web game etc. The company provides scholarshipsto participants that will allow them to attend the training for free, with the aim of introducing them to the world of work.

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Social Impact & Sustainability


Sustainability report in the language of young people

Sustainability reports contain companies’ values and commitment to sustainability, projects that generate a positive impact on future generations. Future generations do not read the sustainability report and are not heard among stakeholders. Giffoni proposes an experiential path that, thanks to the scientific advice of a partner (such as Deloitte), aims to want to tell Generation Z about the issues of Sustainability. Through a Blended Learning training model and a vertical approach combining theory and practice, the goal of the project is to develop the creative skills of a “Dream Team” of participants with different and complementary specializations (programming, graphic design, social media, video making etc.) in order to arrive at the production of multimedia content (videos, podcasts, apps etc.) called Report Gen Z, aimed at informing the new generations. An educational KIT to take to schools as a classroom exercise.

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Events and Community Engagement

Giffoni’s brand is closely tied to its heart: kids. We communicate and interact with a large and diverse community that has grown with the Giffoni model over more than 50 years of history. This is why Giffoni Innovation Hub offers a unique observatory in Italy on all future generations. We offer physical and virtual venues for young people to engage them on value messages with innovative tools and amplify their voices. We accompany companies and institutions to understand the world of GenZ by collecting original and meaningful data and perceptions. We investigate the tastes, trends, moods of the generation that will lead the planet. Find out how we involve kids in corporate projects 

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Masterclass Impact

Impact Masterclasses allow companies to be able to connect with young people in an event where young people feel confident to have their say.

Corporations bring their experience to the stage and present projects in the areas of culture, sustainability and innovation and then get to hear the opinion of the children.

These are interactive experiences in which we want to give space to the creative and entrepreneurial verve of a generation that has so much to say and so much desire to do.

A mini event in a movie theater, a moderator and over 300 kids in the theater at the Giffoni Film Festival or other events organized by Giffoni Hub.

Watch Google’s case history with Altroconsumo and Telefono Azzurro 

Boys in the hall

10-day event

CSR Activities - Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing in Social Responsibility pays off, especially if good practices are shared with employees and travel in parallel with the business.

Recognizing sustainable development as an added value for businesses, we create unique experiences by engaging our Giffoni youth community to demonstrably contribute to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. 

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Goals Agenda 2030

Original Video Productions

Content Creation & Branded Entertainment

We produce innovative content using the language of film and seriality to create cross-media products.

We help companies and institutions build narratives that can excite, creating “stories” that can engage diverse and expanded audiences.

We create audiovisual content to connect brands with new generations, using the language of entertainment.

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School Engagement & Gen Z. insight

Osservatorio Gen Z

Giffoni proposes projects aimed at listening to the younger generation. Building on the involvement of our Community of Giffoners, a highly loyal statistical sample, we develop and disseminate Surveys on topics chosen by the partner company(s) to investigate new trends of the moment, with the goal of understanding and reaching the consumers of the present and future.

We engage new generations through online and in-person surveys (during Giffoni and non-Giffoni events) and tell the partner company(s) about the valuable information gathered through the creation of infographics and data reports.

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Kids Involved

We enter schools together with Civicamente

We create projects involving companies and the school system through synergy with our partner Civicamente.

We devise the whole project to involve children from all schools in Italy and bring the values of sustainability, digital culture, innovation into the classroom, right from elementary school.


Innovation & Co-Design

Giffoni For Kids

Giffoni for kids is the first program designed for kids & teens and their future.

The idea is to be able to provide the ecosystem and businesses with innovative solutions made and developed during the acceleration pathway.

Partner companies, will be able to learn about and invest in these solutions by matching with everyone involved in the initiative, as well as benefit from metrics, reports and data generated during the work.

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Dream Team

A Dream Team is an experiential journey involving a team of young talent under 30 in a discipline or profession.

From the humanities to science to technology, the strength of the format is precisely the sharing and cross-fertilization with each other: a mix of perspectives, ambitions, and specific skills to meet all the challenges of innovation.

The selected young people experience hands-on, experiential training together and work on the conception and implementation. Through pop-up Open Innovation workshops, the youths come together for about a week and work together on the conception, design and implementation of innovative strategies, prototypes and services for large companies and institutional entities.

The goal is to support and enhance the best talent in digital and cultural innovation.

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Eh Commerce Hub

Always the mission Eh! is to promote the development of ecommerce, innovation culture and new forms of entrepreneurship, with the aim of helping businesses stay competitive in the global market and professionals obtain new skills in the digital job market. In a diverse community where sharing is a core value, this movement has activated numerous information and training tools that would respond to the new needs of the sector.

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SIOS Giffoni Edition

The most important innovation, startup and open innovation event in collaboration between Giffoni Innovation Hub and Startupitalia.

An event to dialogue with Generation Z. An edition seen with the eyes of those who look at the world to be preserved, to be improved, to be lived day by day but with a look that goes far, focusing on the enhancement of diversity, on teamwork and cross alliances, on a different idea of innovation as an enabler of opportunities.

+6 hours live
+30 speaker
+100 Judges “Giffoners”


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