Giffoni’s adventure, toward the horizons of innovation, digital culture, web economy, new technologies and, most importantly, of the ideas of the generations of the second millennium, more and more smart and projected to a creative future on global scale, has come back.

The event, at its second edition, is realized during Giffoni Film Festival : ten days of formats, events and competitions, for a confrontation with the challenges of innovation and to turn Giffoni-which has treasured the dreams of young people for years-into a dynamic workshop of visions, dialogues and projects, sponsor of young talents to lead into the world of creative and cultural industries.


Dream Team

The community of young creative people and web economy experts who, supported by digital innovation and new media specialists, will be immersed in an intensive session of research and development, with workshops and active labs.

The objective will be the realization of innovative projects that will be launched on the market of creative and cultural industries. In particular, the creation of products and services with Giffoni brand, for the integration in Giffoni Multimedia Valley. Optima Italia is the official partner of the project, and it will send to Giffoni the students who were protagonists of Optima Erasmus 2016, the first sociality for Erasmus students.

Digital Labs by Poste Italiane

Digital Labs by Poste Italiane are a series of multimedia, interactive workshops for children and kids between the ages of 6 and 13. The workshops focus on innovation and digital culture : from coding to gaming, from augmented reality to virtual reality, to robotics. The target is to raise awareness among children and kids for a conscious use of web and technology, favouring new teaching methods and approaches to digital culture in all its forms.

Techgarage 2016 – A scuola di startup

The national final of “TechGarage 2016 – A scuola di startup 2016“ tour, a project by auLAB and dPixel in collaboration with Giffoni Innovation Hub, sponsored by Associazione Techgarage, Microsoft YouthSpark and Fondazione Cariplo with the support of Hp Italia and Cisco Italia. The completion is open to kids between the ages of 16 and 20 and it favours the diffusion of business culture, with didactic course of mentorship for the development of entrepreneurial ideas and projects. This is the second edition of the tour and, since October 2015, it has involved 30 schools and more than 5000 students, collecting more than 100 entrepreneurial ideas. Only 10 of them will gain a place at the final taking place on July, 20, to present, on the stage of Truffaut Hall, the project among which the three winners will be selected.

Pubblic Administration 3.0 Roundtable

An event to analyse scenarios and impacts of communication on the social media of Public Administration and to suggest strategic, operational guidelines, that will support Public Administration in a more efficient interaction with new generations. It is an opportunity to reinterpret the lexicon and the institutional semantics, to intercept the necessities and the sensitivity of young people. The participants in the Round Table, organized in collaboration with internet company axélero, will work at the drafting of a paper that will illustrate the tendencies and directions of Public Administration’s digital communication, synthetizing significant experiences, relevant data, food for thought.

Sharing Economy Roundtable

A focus group on a rising economic model, based on sharing and exchange and aimed at the promotion of collective well-being. Sharing economy draws more and more innovators and startuppers, and it is set to be, in all likelihood, the future of “bottom-up” economy, promoted by  active costumers of the 21th century. The round table is organized as a working group, whose target is the drafting of a descriptive paper which communicate salient experiences, relevant data, food for thought relative to the model of collaborative consumption.

Creative Industries Roundtable

A dialogue between different sectors who live the energies, the ideas and the revolutions generated by creative people: an always expanding flux, that can be valued with instruments that contribute to promotion and distribution. The target of the round table is to design a plan for the establishment of a network of cultural operators, promoting : the relations in the international market of creative and cultural industries, the participation in European calls for proposals and the procurement of sponsorships. Guidelines and inputs provided by the participants will be summarized in a text: a handbook on good practices and guidelines for the development of new creative hubs.

Crowdfunding Day

A day dedicated to the new opportunities of production and financing for artists, creative startups and cultural markets. The protagonist is crowdfunding, the innovative strategy of fund-raising to realize creative, cultural, civic and business projects, following the motto “if the idea works, people will fund it”.
The event will feature experiences and analysis from subjects with works in the sector, with a focus on emerging new trends: from SMEs to creatives, from innovators to big enterprises, from administrations to community of citizens. An observatory to describe the state of the art and the potential evolutions of rising crowdfunding industry.

Giffoni Big Data

Giffoni Big Data promotes, for the first time ever, the collection, analysis and study of a series of data on the community of participants in the festival. The project makes Giffoni a platform of trial of market tests for enterprises, organizations and public institutions. This work- realized through digital instruments and innovative analytic modalities- will be completely managed by Giffoni Innovation Hub. The collected data, elaborated in a detailed report, will be published within the six months following Giffoni Film Festival.

Login. – Il giorno in cui l’Italia scoprì internet

Login. Il giorno in cui l’Italia scoprì Internet” tells the story of the first Internet connection which took place in Italy, on Aprile 30, 1986. A journey in the history of the pioneers who connected our country and the whole world, and made them reachable with a click. The documentary, written by journalist Riccardo Luna, a top Italian expert of innovation and startups, is produced by StartUpItalia and directed by Alice Tomassini, in collaboration with Rai Cultura.

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