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Dream Team 2018: the end of an experience, in between dreams, projects and friendships

Giffoni is creatività. Giffoni is innovation. Giffoni is most of all an experience for all the youths that pass from here even just for a day, and that are able to get a piece of its essence. The result is growth: both human and professional.

Pierfrancesco Onnis

Let’s take Pierfrancesco Onnis. Neapolitan 26 years old, he iss one of the young dreamers who in these nine days of festival sat at a table and worked on the three ambitious Dream Team projects. “How did I approach Giffoni Innovation Hub? I saw an initiative on the internet and I was intrigued – says the 26 year old member of the team of the Hospital Bambin Gesù in Rome – “I really like the conversation on innovation and I decided to participate. In the Dream Team I met many guys, who each excels in a certain subject. I am very happy with my team because in six days we have done a job that a team of professionals creates in at least 15 days. It was a great satisfaction “. An experience that has made Pierfrancesco even clearer his plans for the future: “I hope to be able to open my business with my colleagues at the Apple Academyhe says– to help all those students who leave the university and they want to do something with their lives. Many times the children of our community are not encouraged to create something of their own. Often right from their parents, who want a job for them, the first available, without trying. Instead I want to try to give to all these youths a chance through an alternative startup to be opened with my colleagues at the Apple Academy, to be able to carry out their projects, even if they had to run into the complaints of their parents. Even a failure is nothing but an opportunity to improve. Who has never failed, was simply  lucky. Nobody is always right in life. So it is important to make mistakes, and make mistakes immediately, in order to learn from mistakes and improve in the future. To be wrong at 60 or 70 is too late “.

Federica Vinci

Federica Vinci is from Isernia, she is 25 and has been encouraged to participate in the Dream Team by some friends. “I thought it was an extremely interesting opportunity,” she said, “and as  I am interested about to issues of innovation, sustainability, the environment, and that is what the talk is about here, I said why not? I am in the Space Dream Team with an international team and we are working on a process to make the problem of plastic in the oceans fascinating for children aged 13 to 25, so we are taking a problem and developing a method in the form of a game so that the kids find it fun and not just a problem to deal with on a daily basis. I arrived here without expectations, I knew it would be an intense and different experience, especially given the way in which we think, work, develop. I found a stimulating environment, different ,and  even difficult under a certain point of view to manage, in the sense that we are so many guys, all different with great talents and skills that nevertheless try to work together. I’m in a team that counts innovators coming from four different countries, it’s not something that happens to you every day “. Many moments of sharing together with his team colleagues: “We made a game – he explains – searchingin a deck of cards which were the five values ​​that represented us the most. Later we had to tell them. When you talk about values, you connect to parts of yourself that you sometimes you don’t even know that you own. My value, for example, was independence, but I had never thought about why I was independent, having to explain it to strangers on one side put me in a mad awe, on the other gave me an awareness and consciousness of myself that before I did not have before”.

Stefano Rainone

Infine Stefano Rainone, 23 year old from Palma Campania, engineering student with a three-year degree and now a master’s degree in artificial intelligence at the University of Salerno. “I’m carrying out a personal project – Stefano begins,-  belonging to the group of Kaspersky Lab project against cyberbullying – I got to know Professor Roberto Parente who advised me to participate in this edition of the Dream Team, where I was looking for the opportunity to meet smart people who could give help with my project. I found them and I hope to be able to involve them, not so much in my project but in creating a synergy together. The opportunity of the Dream Team for me was learning new things. Not so much acquiring knowledge in the computer or economic field, but for learning about reasoning models that can then allow you to achieve success. And this is the great value that the Dream Team transmits. It is a model that must be brought to universities. I, as student’s representative in my university,I push towards creating a hub that brings together people from different areas, from economics to sociology, but led by external people who help to create successful companies. We need to invest in this if we really want to innovate “.

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