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AI Labs: new technologies and robots win the jurors at the sections Elements

Two hundred children all together in the space of Giffoni Innovation Hub, inside the Giffoni Village, in a sort of tide made by the blue and green of little jurors’ shirts of the section Elements. As if they were hypnotized by the wonders that technology can produce, anxious of knowing more about it, at every minute passing, in a vortex of wishes towards a new world where to learn how to take the first steps, between robots, logic games and principals of Artificial Intelligence, simply by playing.

AI LABS at Giffoni Village

The Ai Labs that have animated the Village from the 20 to the 21st of July are born from the experience and from the creativity of Stefania Druga who’s a research assistant at the MIT Media Lab of the Massachusetts’s Institute of Technology, in Boston, one of the major experts in the world of artificial intelligence applied to childhood and founder of the organization HacKIDemia, mobile lab present in over 40 countries that aims to involve collectivity for the resolution of specific common problems with access to energy’s sources, clean water, clean eating and a correct system of information and learning. Not only: Druga, is in charge of other ambitious projects, as Afrimakers (a community of incubation of innovative idea present in 10 African countries) and MakerCamp (global camps to learn how to build and launch creative spaces)

For the first time at Giffoni Film Festival I have taken my workshop on artificial intelligence aimed to children, I am excited to be ere – said Druga- surrounded by jurors taken by the screens, devices and robots of different form ad functions – I have been surprised to notice that the children here in Italy look impatient and much curios to know more and learn the basics, though I have notice that they don’t know enough about artificial intelligence. They still had good ideas, but the one that has really surprised me has been the one to use robots and artificial intelligence to help people in way that is very generous and supportive, an experience that has really inspired me”.

One of the games at AI LABS

Encouraging children to become inventors of technology without taking them only as consumers or fruiters, let’s say, is one of the main principles of the mission of Stefania Druga, crucial as the training of adults, to which gives instruments and knowledge to organize and create laboratories where there will be the teaching of artificial programming with robots, agents and smart toys, to kids who’s age is of 7 to 12 years old. Training that the Druga has cured also at Giffoni, through workshops, that have been held the 18th and 19th of July at the Antica Ramiera, to whom university’s students, graduates and PhD’s holders have taken part.


Translation by Aysha Salim

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